Business Ethics – An investigation of decision making influences and ethical issues in business.

Mark: 1:1

Taking an optional module outside the school of Economics, I was keen to widen my surroundings. The module provided a real eye-opener into the potential debate for the existence of business ethics and their importance in today’s day and age.

While films may be dramatised versions of true events, they provide an opportunity to show the role of ethics in business in a widely accessible format for large audiences. Seeking to investigate why the actors in these events did what they did and their relation to ethical philosophies, the assignment is based on two real life based stories of Erin Brockovich and Nick Leeson. While the films they are based on must be taken with a pinch of salt, they do highlight the extent to which ethical decision making in business is highly important for not only explaining what individuals do, but also ways to contain and eliminate unethical conduct. Considering the growing influence of an unregulated media in the form of Twitter, firms are under the public spotlight now more-so than ever.