Individual Research Assignment 2010 – “To What Extent is Age Discrimination the Hidden Discrimination?” Labour Economics 2010.*

Mark: 1:1
Nominated for publishing – Norwich Economic Papers

Ageism is perhaps the most understated discrimination’s in labour markets. Perhaps one of my greatest achievements at university was the satisfaction in writing a completely individual assignment. Here I set the question “To what extent is age discrimination the hidden discrimination.”

Throughout the article I attempt to identify the extent to which age discrimination is a problem in UK & foreign labour markets collating both statistics and experimental research. Moreover, there is a foundation of economic analysis based around the concept of “statistical discrimination” which appears to be a factor at the forefront of causes of age discrimination and why this may be an inefficient outcome in terms of alienating productive workers. The article questions whether initial judgements of older workers are justified through case studies and psychological studies. Finally happiness studies are examined as well as cross country comparison to determine preference for work among older individuals and mechanisms that allow and prevent the utilisation of productivity. Moreover, interviews are used, referencing the importance of recessions and booms in perceptions if older workers.