Labour Economics – Worker Absenteeism of coal miners and the responsiveness of wage variations for a wife’s decision to enter the labour market.*

Mark: 1:1
Nominated for publishing - Norwich Economic Papers

As the first essay of the third academic year there was a change in emphasis to bring back more of the textbook economic concepts associated with labour economics. Using terminology that has been the cornerstone of my studies drove me to produce a concise and in-depth essay that aims to answer two questions. The reason for the existence of a backward bending supply curve and the driving factors behind a woman’s participation in the labour market. The first half of the essay was fairly limited in variety of answer alluding to the existence of the substitution and income effects. The second half of the essay allowed me to become more creative in my approach. While the household production model was a potential framework I could have used, I used the aspects of marginal costs, benefits and even game theory to explain how over time a wife’s participation rate in the labour market has changed.